Baby Bottle Portable USB Warming Bag

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Colour: Camouflage Blue

Introducing our premium Baby Milk Warm Bag, crafted from high-quality Oxford cloth for durability and waterproof protection. This insulating bag features a middle layer for quicker bottle heating, making it perfect for night-time feeds or when you're on the move.

With a universal size, the inner diameter of the insulation sleeve accommodates milk bottles ranging from 55mm to 75mm (2.2 to 3 inches), suitable for various bottle sizes, milk cups, drink cups, or coffee cups. It's an ideal companion for walks, shopping trips, or travels.

Equipped with three adjustable gears, our portable milk warmer allows you to customize the temperature to your preference. Whether warming cold milk or water, it maintains a constant temperature for up to 24 hours, preventing liquids from cooling down.

The convenience of our portable bottle cover extends further with its USB compatibility. Simply connect the included USB cable to any power bank, mobile phone charging line, vehicle, or laptop interface for easy heating on the go.

Adaptable to all occasions, our milk warmer offers three temperature levels: approximately 60°C at the highest, 50°C at the middle, and 40°C at the lowest setting. It's the perfect solution for chilly winter days at home, outdoor activities, travel, shopping, or leisurely strolls.


  1. Avoid soaking the insulation sleeve. If cleaning is necessary, wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in water while the power is off. Ensure the product is completely dry before reconnecting to power.

  2. For optimal insulation, it's best to start with water temperatures around 45°C.

  3. Do not heat empty cups. Ensure there is at least 60ml of water or beverage in the container before heating.

  4. This product contains a heating circuit. Do not tear it to prevent damage to the internal container from external forces.

  5. Avoid using the product continuously for more than 24 hours. If not in use, disconnect the power promptly. Do not use the product with flammable or explosive materials.